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CPG Industries was a small scale Industry based in satatra a part of the M/S Mutha Founders Private Limited which carried out machining of cylinder blocks for Bajaj Auto Limited, Hero Honda, Kinetic Motors, and Bajaj Tempo.


Since CPG Industries were in the business of supplying critical components like engine blocks, they at all points of time had to make sure that they met the stringent quality norms and delivery schedule. The machining of engine blocks was largely man dependent and it was getting increasingly difficult to match up to the timely delivery and zero defect policy of companies like Bajaj Auto Limited.


So they decided to take up the automation route, and to induce flexibility in their production facility, they opted to pick a robotic automation solution. TAL BRABO was selected as it was easy to install, operate and maintain. TAL BRABO was fitting in the rate of return of the investment they were willing to make, offering a low cost of ownership. Mr Gandhi stated “. TAL BRABO from TAL Manufacturing Solution a TATA Motors subsidiary seemed liked the right fit to our automation requirement. It was the best buy which could sort out all my technical and automation problems and assisted my company to be consistent in quality and service”

CPG industries Satara had a requirement of one robot initially but they increased it to three, According to Mr Gandhi, “We were very happy with the service provided by the technical team of TAL BRABO and after visiting our facility they also offered to provide a solution for chamfering which solved the problems of missing operations and enhanced quality, consistency and helped us in timely delivery therefore from one robot we increased it to three robot installations”

Easy installation, programming and maintenance of TAL BRABO with easily available parts made TAL BRABO an easy pick for CPG Industries, Mr Gandhi further stated “TAL BRABO has lowered the entry barriers of robotics in India, it is so easy to run the robot that our supervisors and maintenance workers can efficiently run the robot without any help. We do not need an engineer or a programmer to run this robot, even if we face any issues the technical team of TAL BRABO supports us in short time so that production does not get affected”


As a result of deploying TAL BRABO robot the workstation space decreased by 40% which enabled CPG Industries to put more machines in the same area. After deploying TAL BRABO the quality and consistency improved and the material rejection rate drastically got cut which assisted them in their goal of achieving zero defects and increasing their credibility as a supplier for critical engine components.