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Increased competition, preference for good quality products and changes in consumer behavior are forcing companies to develop new products at a faster pace than ever before this makes a strong case for tapping into the unique advantages of Robotics. Industrial Robotics is set to take a quantum leap with the introduction of TAL BRABO in market. In keeping with the human philosophy of TATA group TAL BRABO robot is designed to complement the humane workforce it takes over the dull dangerous and dirty jobs.

TAL has developed articulated industrial Robots

Reliability is proven after running 2.4 million cycles in real industrial environment and coming from Tata group of Companies and its commitment to offer the best. You can easily realize that we are talking about a Robolution don’t wait join the Robolution !

Payload Capacity

With its vast experience in providing manufacturing solutions and competencies in mechatronics, TAL has developed TAL BRABO an articulated industrial Robot in payload capacities of 2 and 10kg.

Industrial user’s perspective

TAL BRABO has been designed and developed from an Industrial user’s perspective, making it reliable, simple to use, easy to maintain.


TAL BRABO is an Indigenous Articulated Industrial Robot and has two variants with 10 Kg and 2 Kg payload capacity, and 750 mm and 600 mm reach respectively. TAL BRABO is easy to use, easy to program and easy to maintain. It has a flip back Capabilities and with its 5 axes, along with repeatability of 0.2mm it takes over the dull, dangerous and dirty jobs. It operates on a single phase 230 V of power supply. Easy programming, installation and maintenance of TAL BRABO with easily available spare parts makes TAL BRABO a reliable option for your Automation requirement.

Robot Specification

Payload 10Kg 2Kg
Max. Reach 750mm 600mm
No. of axis 5 5
Mass (Excluding Controller) 95Kg 68Kg
Axis Ranges A1:±180°, A2:±130°, A3:±150°,A4:±180°, A5:360° A1:±180°, A2:±130°, A3:±150°, A4:±180°, A5:360°
Max. Speed A1:110°/s, A2:110°/s, A3:110°/s, A4 & A5:150°/s A1:110°/s, A2:110°/s, A3:110°/s, A4 & A5:150°/s
Position Repeatability ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Installation/Mounting Floor & inverted mounting Floor & inverted mounting
Operating Temperature 0° - 50° C 0° - 50° C

Controller Features

Controller Axis 5
Digital Inputs/Outputs(Standard) 16(Programmable)
Expansion IO's 512
Memory Slot Cards Micro SD (upto 16 GB)
Analog Input Cards(0-10V) 2 X 12 bits
Analog Input Cards(+/-10V) 4 X 12 bits
Communication Options CAN open
device Net
ethernet IP
Operating Temperature 0 to 45 deg C
Built In PLC Ladder, Functional Block, Structured Text, SFC
Mains Power Supply 230 V ac/single Phase
Ext. axis configuration 1 axis addition