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  • Machine tending is a well proven application done by TAL BRABO Robot.
  • This application requires repetitive and reliable industrial robot. The Flip back mechanism, Strong controller with built in PLC in the controller and Extra Input and output total 512 I/O s (as additional extra option) makes TAL BRABO Ideal choice for machine tending of small parts.
  • Flip back mechanism which gives a large working area makes input / output mechanism and secondary processes such as gauging, Inspection and Post machining easily achievable with TAL BRABO.
  • TAL BRABO compact robot with 750mm reach with payload of 10 Kg offers various options for gripper for small parts.
  • TAL BRABO has generated highly enthusiastic response from SMEs and MSMEs for machine tending, even 2 machine owner and that of a small turning shops will find BRABO extremely lucrative to deploy in their work shop.
  • Easy programming, installation and maintenance of BRABO with easily available parts makes TAL BRABO a reliable option for machine tending.